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Colorado Springs Accounting & Bookkeeping

Before 180 Accounting: Finances feel scattered, things slip, it’s tough to see where things stand, and you are stressed. After 180 Accounting: Everything’s organized in one place, financials are timely and clear, and a sense of control sets in.


Are Your Books A Mess?
We Can Help In 3 Easy Steps.

1. We Do Your Bookkeeping

First, we’ll get to know your business and dive deep into your books. Then we will come up with a customized action plan to clean up your books and keep them that way.

2. We Review Your Books

Each month, your 180 Accounting bookkeeper enters in your business transactions and gets to work on your books. If we need any clarifications from you, we’ll get in touch.

3. Get Clean Tax Ready Financials

Monthly financial reports that you can use to track the health of your business and you get clean tax ready financials for your CPA. Don’t have a CPA? We have trusted CPA partners we work closely with that can assist you.


Choose 180 accounting For Your
Accounting & Bookkeeping Needs

180 Accounting was created with one simple goal: To free you up!

As your personal accounting department and bookkeeping team, we can save you time, so that you can focus on growing your business or pursuing other interests. Building your business can be an exciting and challenging endeavor, but wearing too many hats can make you inefficient and ineffective.

Don’t wear yourself or your staff out by trying to do too much. Let 180 Accounting provide the accounting and bookkeeping expertise you need. Whether you just need some help with getting set up, with Payroll, Sales Tax, day-to-day Bookkeeping, high-level Accounting, or with other Business Consulting, 180 Accounting is your solution.

The availability of 24/7 access to your books makes keeping tabs on your operations
just a few clicks away. Take control today with 180 Accounting.
180 services

our expertise in different industries

With expertise in Construction, Real Estate, Fix & Flip, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Service Industries, Retail & Restaurants, Non-Profits, Personal Finances Management and many other industries; our team of dedicated professionals can help to ensure that your accounting is maintained accurately and up-to-date. With the accounting under control, you can build your business or pursue your other interests with freedom from concern over the bookkeeping.

Accounting services

Complex or unusual transactions must be handled correctly to produce meaningful financial statements. Statements you need to manage life or business.

Payroll Services

Comprehensive payroll services include payroll preparation, direct deposits, payroll tax returns and deposits, W-2’s and more.

business consulting Services

General Consulting, Accounting System Design, Business Planning; 180 can provide useful insights and guidance on the vast array of issues you may encounter.

Bookkeeping services

Day-to-day transactions, writing checks, managing Accounts Receivable & Payable, cash flow management, reconciling bank and credit
card accounts: All kept up-to-date and accurate.

Quickbooks services

Selecting the correct software, accessing training, and getting it all properly setup are vital initial steps. We can assist where needed or provide complete ongoing accounting system maintenance.

Sales & Use Tax Services

180 will work with you to design the most appropriate systems for collecting the required taxes and information and for filing of the required returns.


Client Testimonials

180 Accounting helped our business upgrade our accounting software system. The upgrade process was professional, well organized and completed in a way that did not hinder our daily operations. We were trained in how to use our new system and have already saved time and resources making our office more efficient and our new system a big cost-saving. I highly recommend the 180 Accounting team, working with them was a great experience.
Kate DeGrow
As a small business owner, it was difficult to think that outsourcing my bookkeeping was the right thing to do for the company. 180 Accounting has been a great addition to our team and has been an integral part of my business. They have given me the confidence to off load the tiresome duties of bookkeeping, which now allows me time to focus on other areas of the company. Their attention to detail and broad accounting expertise ensures that the transition from bookkeeper to accountant is seamless. Outsourcing our bookkeeping has reduced costs and provided a sense of peace that our books are complete and accurate.
Matthew Lucier