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accounting services

Accounting Services For
Small Businesses

Manage your life or business with confidence relying on accurate, timely financials

Accounting overview

Accounting and Bookkeeping are not the same thing. Accounting services involve handling of complex and often infrequent transactions. Determining how to properly record unusual or complex accounting transactions requires a higher level of training and expertise. More than just day-to-day bookkeeping experience. Designing an accounting system, so that transactions are properly categorized and conform to standard accounting principles, interpreting financial statements and the resulting ratios, evaluating key performance indicators (KPI’s), establishing budgets, tracking job or project profitability, etc., are just some of the functions that fall under the concept of accounting.

In most personal and business situations, accounting is not a level of expertise that is typically required on a daily basis. However, if you don’t have this level of expertise available when it is needed, your books can quickly become a mess.

180 Accounting brings high-level accounting experience and expertise to you on an as needed basis. No need for you to hire an expensive controller to maintain your books, when that expertise is only needed on a sporadic basis. With 180, this expertise is available to you only when required, keeping your costs to a minimum and your books in top condition.

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