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bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services For
Small Businesses

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bookkeeping Overview

Keeping your books up-to-date and accurate is a vital part of a smoothly operating business and accounting system and peace of mind in personal finances. In a well designed and maintained system, you should be able to tell, on demand, who owes you money and who you owe money to. You need to know when money is expected to come in, and when it needs to go out. It should be a relatively simple process to get the cash flow information you need. Ensuring that you are being paid on a timely basis for your products or services and that you are paying your vendors as agreed upon are critical to your success.

180 Accounting can help you stay on top of these critical areas of your operations. We can design your accounting system, so that transactions are entered into your system easily, quickly, and with a minimum of duplicative work. The day-to-day bookkeeping processes should keep 90% of your accounting under control at all times, with only unusual transactions requiring additional, high level accounting attention. After getting properly set up and trained, many of our clients perform these basic bookkeeping functions internally. However, for others, it makes sense to outsource the entire day-to-day bookkeeping to 180 Accounting, allowing you to focus your efforts on other aspects of the business and life.

You can perform whatever portions of the bookkeeping functions make sense for you to do and outsource the others to 180. Transactions related to borrowing money, purchasing assets, perhaps adjusting inventory values, job or project monitoring against budgets, and other analysis of the financial aspects of your operations and life can be easily handled with 180’s accounting services.

This firm has been with me from the very beginning of my law office five years ago. They do my bookkeeping and payroll. They have helped to increase my profits by increasing my efficiency and allowing me the time to grow my business. They are fast, professional and knowledgeable. I recommend them without hesitation.
Brad Laybourne
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