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business consulting Services

Business Consulting Services


Running a business or non-profit organization can be very challenging. Based on our extensive experience with a wide range of businesses and organizations, 180 Accounting can provide useful insights and guidance on the vast array of issues you may encounter. Sometimes it may be helpful to run your ideas or challenges by someone on the outside, who can look at the issue from a different perspective. Other times, you can draw on our expertise to provide unique solutions to the challenges and opportunities that are before you.


We are often called upon to design comprehensive Accounting Systems. These systems can range from very simple to extremely complex. The Accounting System usually impacts most aspects of your operations in one way or another. A properly and optimally designed Accounting System will make your entire organization more effective and efficient. With over 40 years experience designing Accounting Systems for hundreds of organizations, we are uniquely qualified to provide, and assist you in developing, the best solution for your enterprise.




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