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SALES & USE tax services

Sales & Use Tax Services
For Small Businesses


There is probably no more of a complex and cumbersome issue than complying with Sales & Use Tax laws. With every state and local taxing jurisdiction having their own rates, and in many cases, their own rules, compliance can be a real challenge. If you are only dealing with one state, county and city, it isn’t all that bad. However, if you are required to collect and pay sales and use taxes to multiple states, counties and local jurisdictions, the effort to comply with the myriad of possible scenarios can become overwhelming.

We provide Sales and Use Tax services to most of our clients. By properly designing the accounting system, the complex process of compiling the information required by the various tax jurisdictions becomes largely a by-product of the day-to-day bookkeeping. However, with the increasing use of online stores, both for selling and buying; proper collecting, paying and filing of the required tax returns is becoming quite involved.

180 will work with you to design the most appropriate systems for collecting the required taxes and information and for filing of the required returns. Or if the needs of your business justify it, we will coordinate using one of the Sales Tax Only services that can most efficiently handle this complicated aspect of running your business.

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