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Payroll services

Payroll Services For Small Businesses

We know payroll and all the nuances, so save time and let us handle it

Payroll overview

Payroll is a critical function for any type of organization. Whether it’s simple or complex, 180 can handle it. It may be payroll just for the owners of an S Corporation, or perhaps a payroll that requires complete Job Costing, Tip computations, salaried, based on hours, piecework, commissions, PTO tracking or other payroll tracking needs. Whatever your payroll involves, 180 Accounting can make this time consuming and critical aspect of your organization a breeze.

We can provide “stand-alone” payroll services for those who don’t need any Bookkeeping or Accounting services. Or if we are providing bookkeeping services too, we can fully integrate the payroll right into your accounting system. Integration is a great option to minimize double entry of data. This is what the majority of our clients prefer.

You choose the frequency and dates that you want payroll to be run. You can choose to print checks, use Direct Deposit, or maybe some of both, depending on employee preferences. We track all the necessary taxes and withholdings, make the required tax deposits and timely file all required payroll tax returns.

Also, unlike most of the Payroll Only service providers, 180 Accounting does NOT collect your tax deposit funds from you. The money stays in your accounts until the required deposit dates, which can help with cash flow management. However, to be sure the funds are available when required, many of our clients transfer the tax deposit funds to a separate bank account ensuring that they are available when tax deposit day comes. Also, your choice providing maximum flexibility.

Bottom line: Payroll Services custom tailored to your specific needs and preferences.




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